Swamp Stories

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Martha lives near the big swamp. Maybe this sounds little bit strange but actually it is about a very nice neighborhood, if you may say like that, because the surroundings is all natural. Some people may say that it is scary to live there but Martha manages to do that and she is very happy with her place of living.This evening Martha likes to meet her friends. They are waiting for her on the other side of the swamp so she decides to go there with her boat. She chooses the shorter way so she will pass through the dark part of the swamp. Even though Martha has passed from here many times before, this time it seems that things do not work as they should. She gets stuck in the braid water near the houses of the crocodile hunters. Martha has passed near but actually she has never seen those houses and she feels rather scared. She doesn\'t know what else could be done since her boat could not move so she hopes that she will find a new boat. That way she could leave this scary place and be safe again.Let\'s help Martha find her friends or at least to find a place where she could be safe enough.

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