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Ok, we were all rookies one day, right? But there is no other way to become a pro except with a lot of work. Karen is a young detective, at the beginning of her career. Today, Karen got her first serious case and she hardly waits to do her best in this case. The case is about a robbery that happened in an apartment, somewhere in her city.Karen’s chef has prepared her a list of objects that should be found in the apartment. Those objects will serve Karen to find the robbers, it’s something like a list of evidences that have to be found.In her first case Karen will have two assistants that will follow her and help her in her job. It is about her two fiends Thomas and Lisa who are also two young detectives on the rise of their career. We could also observe the case and see how these young detectives are doing, but also, we could help them in their job, if we know how and if we see something that could use them. now it’s time to check out the place of the crime scene and start right away.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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