Sacred Power

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Brian, together with his fiends Martha and David decided to take an unusual journey. They arrive at the holy temple. According to the legends, this is the place where years ago lived father James, a person known by his supernatural powers. He was not something like a super hero. But he used his powers for healing of the people who were seriously ill.His feats were miracles and that\'s why he was known al around the land. Brian is fascinated by the legend about father James and his powers and he always wanted to find out if those claims were true or not. That\'s why he has come in the holy temple together with his friends.He likes to find out something more about the legend and the father so he doesn\'t like to waste any more time and starts exploring the place right away. Let\'s see what is the legend about and if Brian, Martha and David are on the right way. Maybe we will learn something more about those supernatural powers; are they real or just a result of people\'s imagination.

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