Shadows of Desolation

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At the end of town, there is an abandoned and notorious factory. This factory used to work, but now it has not been working for years, and some strange things are happening at the place. Some say that the factory is haunted by ghosts, who are hosts of this place. However, what is even more interesting about this whole story is that the ghosts who live here are the guardians of the treasure hidden in the factory and supposedly, this treasure has a high value. Samuel arrives at the notorious abandoned factory. He is determined to get in there, face the ghosts who live in the factory, and find the treasure that has been hidden there for years. We believe you are not afraid to enter the mysterious factory together with Samuel and explore what is hidden in this place that hasn\'t been visited by anyone for years. This adventure can be really interesting, if you gather some courage, and face the sneaky spirits ghosts who live here and guard the treasure of the factory.

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