Midnight Hauntings

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Anna lives in a house where strange things have been happening for a month. It\'s about strange noises being heard in the house, and Anna has no idea where those noises are coming from, but she believes the noises are from ghosts. No, she has not had a direct encounter with spirits, but somehow she is led to think so. Confused, Anna calls paranormal detective George to investigate the house to find out what\'s causing the noises, and where they\'re coming from. George arrives at Anne\'s estate. Even though he is an expert in the paranormal, George must be very careful while investigating the property. This property which seemed peaceful and harmless until recently hides dark secrets that no one knows about except the ghosts that inhabit it. Let\'s help George and Anna find out what\'s going on at Anna\'s estate and find a way to get rid of these ghosts. Anna wants to feel comfortable in her home, without feeling threatened by some uninvited guests who tend to become the hosts of this property.

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