Vampire Manor

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Something unusual happens in those villages that were previously known as quiet and peaceful places... Everything was just fine until this notorious Vampire started harming them. For a few years already, he has been stealing valuable objects from the homes of the people who live in those villages. He is also scaring those people, who don\'t know what to do anymore. They think of leaving their homes and moving somewhere where the Vampire couldn\'t find them... The young girl Adele, decides that leaving the home is not the right option. She is brave enough to decide to confront this Vampire because she has the power needed for dealing with this kind of situation. She knows how to handle evil forces, and believes that the time has come, for this Vampire to get away from the surroundings of the villages. Let\'s see how well Adele deals with the situation, and let\'s be there for her, so we can help her in any possible way if it is needed. We believe that those Vampires can be unpredictable creatures, so let\'s keep her back safe.

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