Beach Keepers

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We know you\'ve had that moment when you\'re enjoying a glorious vacation day, thinking about how incredible life is, enjoying the view and putting the toes in the sand, when suddenly... you dig out cigarette but or a plastic bag. Goodbye, smile. It ruins your thoughts, right?The planet is beautiful! And it\'s up to us to keep it that way. Trash is a growing problem that harms beaches and compromises recreation, tourism, and important marine habitat for animals and plants.. At resorts, beaches are often carefully raked and cleaned and the best time to plan a beach clean up is at the start of the season, to ready it for the crowds to enjoy.Joseph and Lisa are leading the team which is maintaining the most beautiful beaches in the tropical bay. The season is about to start and the beach has to be in a perfect condition for the first guests. They are preparing for a manual cleanup because there are many unnecessary items on the beach who don\'t belong there. Their task is to find all of them and remove them so you are invited to join and help. Don\'t forget to pat yourself on the back, too!

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