Market Square

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The three friends Nicole, Helen, and Diane are in Italy, for the first time. They waited for this trip for so long and now are very happy about it, The three of them are very curious people, so they like to walk through the streets and look for some interesting places. Besides other things, they are impressed by small traditional shops that offer locally made products. Nicole, Helen, and Diane were walking when they found one very interesting street, full of small shops. There are many interesting objects in those shops, beautiful souvenirs, and similar stuff. It seems like those shops illustrate the spirit of the place and each one of them is so nice. The three friends would like to choose some interesting souvenirs, so let\'s take a look at this wonderful street and help them find their favorite objects. It will be like we are visiting Italy too, so let\'s see what is it offering. We hope that you will enjoy your walk in these streets and maybe it will give you inspiration for your next trip.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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