Ghost in the Woods

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Nancy, Christopher and their friends are a group of young people are really into ghosts\' stories, but they are also obsessed with afterlife and things related to this topic. They believe in those things and once they heard a story about it – someone saw a ghost, someone suspects that a ghost is doing certain things in his home or other place, someone has come back the other side and something similar, the gang is on that place, exploring if those stories are true or not.People have different hobbies and obsessions but these guys believe in afterlife so much that they are willing to do everything in order to find out something more. Today Nancy and Christopher, together with their friends, arrive in the so-called haunted forest house.It is about a house that supposedly hides the forest ghost and those young people have enough courage to see what is actually happening in the house. Other people said that they saw a ghost in the woods but now it\'s up to our friends to see if all of that is true.

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