New Spa Employee

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When starting a new job, it is always difficult at first. The job might be perfect, but the fact that we are entering into new surroundings means that we will meet new people, new principles of work... After a while, everything will be just great, but the beginnings are always intense. Martha was looking for a new job for a while. Now, she has become the new employee at one elite spa center, and not just that she is new at work, she actually works this kind of work for the first time. That means that Martha doesn\'t know much about spa centers. But she is always willing to learn new things, which means that she will learn how to complete her responsibilities very soon. However, before Martha becomes a real professional in her new job, she will need some help from us. We could see what is she doing at the spa center, and offer her some help for her responsibilities. Besides her, we will also learn some new things about working in a spa center and see how can she deal with the new job.

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