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Having fine taste on wine is the thing that makes you noble person. If you are not one of those people makes difference only in the color of the wine, than you surely understand what is a quality wine what wine you need to combine with certain food. How could someone take for serious a person that can combine things that simply don\'t go with certain drink. One of the best vocations in the world is being sommelier, the person that has the possibility to taste the best wines in the world and speak up and say what is the quality of it, if it is good or bad.The older the wine is, the more time a wine has and the consumer holds the desire, the better the experience will be. That is the thing, the wine gets better when it\'s older. Such specialist we have in today game. Margaret is specialist on rare and expensive wines.She finds out that in a house in a small village there have been hidden six highly quality wines. She comes here with her two close collaborators Anthony and Betty, wanting to find these rare wines. Have fun in this mission, it is going to tasty experience.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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