Hollow Manor

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George is a real adventurer, a man who likes to discover new things and go to unknown places. This time, he also walked through the forest, wandering around and discovering new roads and beautiful landscapes. Wandering into the night, George arrived at a small abandoned cottage. His adventurous spirit tells George this is a great chance to spend the night in the forest and continue exploring the next day. Sleeping in the woods is certainly wonderful - being among the trees, breathing the wonderfully clean air.However, even though George\'s plans are great, and even though he expects an unforgettable experience, not everything is as ideal as it seems. Everything is fine with the house, except that this property seems to belong to some ghosts. As soon as George entered the house, the ghosts began to tell him who was in charge there. Now, George is trapped in the manor and is trying to find a way to get out of this situation. Will he have to face the ghosts in some way, or is it better simply to run away from there, as he knows how?

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