The Great Wedding

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There are people that are not that much into weddings and think that they are just a waste of money and so while other people see in the weddings the symbolism of a perfect life, so they like their wedding to be perfect. Those weddings are planned for months. Some people even plan them their whole lives so once the moment is here, they like everything to be as they expected. Joining together the expectations of the both partners is another challenge and when this finally happens, those weddings are really events for remembering.Gloria and Jack are newly-weds. There are only few hours left until the beginning of their wedding ceremony. They are together with their closest friends and relatives, making the last arrangements for the big wedding. This weddings means a lot for those two because they have been together for many years and they like to crown their life together with a huge and beautiful wedding.This is the happiest day in Gloria and Jack\'s lives so they wish everything to be perfect today. That\'s why they take care of everything but also they will need to find out few objects that are needed for this day.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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