Ticket to Mystery

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We live in modern times, but some strange things can happen around us, no matter what. For example, we may think that train schedules work flawlessly today, but what happened to Nancy and Steven is anything but ordinary. We will find out soon whether we should blame the railway, whether it is their fault or something of a different nature. Namely, Nancy and Steven decided to travel by train to Steven\'s hometown. While traveling, they were told that the train had to change its route, and now, they arrived at a small unknown town where all the passengers got off the train. They thought this was just one more stop before reaching their final destination, but the train pulled up, and the driver just walked away. Nancy, Steven, and the other passengers soon realized that this would most likely be the last stop of their train. Now they are starting to panic a little because they have to find a way to continue their journey.Let\'s see what happens at this unusual station and help Nancy and Steven.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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