The Shadow Quest

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Oh those ghosts and their unfinished businesses, they always make us some troubles. Sometimes they scare us, sometimes they make us laugh, but we can\'t be without any emotion about them and their appearance. And yes, maybe we are not talking about ghosts that we have seen in our surroundings, usually it is about some ghosts that appear in a certain story, but anyway, a ghost is definitely something creepy and scary, that\'s for sure.In this game we will meet the ghost Christian. This ghost can\'t stay still yet. He arrives in the house when he was born, a house that is now abandoned, with a task to find his personal belongings. That is his unfinished mission, but most important from all for him is to find the family photos.Let\'s do our best to help Christian find everything that he wants because only that way he could settle down and stop wandering around, from one side to another. And yes, don\'t be scared about this whole situation, ghost Christian is a friendly ghost who has his own job.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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