Invisible Creatures

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Evil can take different shapes and probably the most dangerous evil is the one that is not that obvious and it can\'t be seen just like that... That\'s why no one likes passing through this place that is supposedly visited by invisible creatures. The fact that those creatures are invisible opens up the question of whether those creatures exist, but anyhow, the uncertainty makes people scared or threatened. Many times that is something that needs to be avoided. Nancy and Carol are two young sorceresses that like to try their powers, to see if they are prepared for action. And for that, they have chosen a very difficult job, that\'s for sure. They come to the place where some invisible creatures live, a place that has been avoided by all the passengers for many years because the place is really scary. Those sorceresses come to this place on purpose, they will try to beat those invisible creatures.Even though Nancy and Carol have faith in their powers, let\'s help them in their serious mission.

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