Secret Royal Letters

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The kingdom of Neris has been attacked. The army of the enemy is approaching dangerously close to the borders of the kingdom, becoming serious threat for the whole kingdom. Everyone in the kingdom is scared and concerned about the fate of the kingdom, including their own lives, but they know that they have to be calm and to react very fast in order to put an end to the whole situation.The king gave instructions to his closest people, how should they behave and what should they do during the attack. The instructions of the king are written in letters that are hidden in the secret summer house of the king. Carol and Daniel, together with the other royal subjects, go to the summer house, with intention to find the secret royal letters.They hope that the letters will be found as soon as possible, because they have to save the kingdom and that’s hot something that could wait for later. Let’s see the whole situation and try to help Carol, Daniel and the royal subjects find the instructions.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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