Venice treasure

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It is believed that Venice is one of the most romantic cities in Europe. When we talk about Venice, usually the first thing that comes to our mind is the Carnival in Venice, then the Grand Canal and smaller waterways of Venice, together with the famous gondolas. They are the symbol of history, tradition, and romance in the city on the lagoon, while the gondola ride in Venice ranks among one of the most dreamed-about experiences for travelers. Sarah, Emily, and Paul arrive in Venice, but their aim for coming here is a little bit different than expected. During the whole year, they have been studying the route of Venice\'s lost treasure. Now, they believe that they have finally managed to decode all the messages, and they are sure that they will find the treasure. If this is true, Sarah, Emily, and Paul are about to find out a huge discovery. They will find the answers to the questions did this treasure belonged to Marco Polo or the Jewish Ghetto of Venice, or maybe it is about a mythical sunken treasure in the canals of Venice, Italy...

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