Scent of Suspicion

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Is there something more terrifying for a parent than the fact that some bad person has taken away your child from your home, or in front of the school where a child studies? Or during a game in the park? Only death of a own child can be worse than this scenario. Very often people who want to get richer in a short time, choose this way of achieving that point. Very often that is successful, but very often again policemen can catch the guilty men and women.Ethan, Albert and Grace are three detectives that are working on the case of kidnapping children of rich people and they look for ransom. And that ransom is not just some sum, but actually a good amount of money. They have chosen to kidnap the children of rich people, of multimillionaires and that\'s why they are free to ask for a lot of money. Now detectives Ethan, Albert and Grace are in front of great mission and that is to find the guilty men.They think that they finally have them. The three detectives have special working style, and it is needed that each of them should get your help in the investigation of the objects that he thinks that are very important and they can serve as a proof.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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