Gym Incident

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Accidents happen every day, even in those places where we should be the safest, and we use them to improve our health. We\'re talking about gyms, places whose safety is checked multiple times, but sometimes, even there, things can get out of control and cause a series of awkward situations. Detective Amy arrives at the fitness center where an accident has happened. Namely, one girl was training on the equipment when the weights suddenly came off, and she was seriously injured. The employees of the fitness centers claim that everything was done correctly, while the detective sees something suspicious in this case and thinks it could be something else. The detective believes it wasn\'t an accident but a deliberate intention to injure the girl. She thinks someone wanted to harm the girl, but she can\'t figure out who. The detective is trying to look at the case from all aspects, and at the moment, she is together with the owner of the fitness center, so she can help in explaining things.

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