Underwater Mission

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We all have different missions in life. That comes consequently since each one of us a is a completely unique person that lives under different circumstances in life. However, someone\'s missions in life may be rather strange, especially if that someone is a mermaid! Yes, together we are talking about mermaids, or more concretely, the mermaid called Virginia.Well the mermaid Virginia starts the mission of her life. Namely, many years ago some sailors had stollen the treasure that belonged to her family and now Virginia feels that it is time to bring back that treasure. She would like to search all through the sea depth and check out for every detail that could somehow point to the treasure. You may imagine how much work does she have since the sea is so huge but that\'s why you are here to help. You will enjoy your journey all through the sea and help mermaid Virginia at the same time. She, but also her family will be very thankful if you find the treasure so let\'s start right away.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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