Mystic Numbers

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Celebrated people and people that have important part in the society, are often aim of the criminals. Those people are usually related to the concept of wealthy life or simply, it is believed that they have a lot of money. Criminals often decide to rob them or even kidnap them or someone that is close to them, in order to extort money for their return. Detective Charles and his assistant Betty, are the main detectives in charge for the case with the kidnapped mayor’s son. The kidnappers have contacted the mayor right away, asking for a huge amount of money for releasing the son. The mayor maybe wealthy enough to give them money in return for his son’s freedom but that would make the criminals winners. Detective Charles hopes that he will manage to find the kidnappers and act wiser than them. He would like to find a way how to get to the mayor’s son, release him and bring him home safe, without giving the money to the crimminals. Let’s see what will happen and help the detectives.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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