Tracing the Legend

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Tracing the Legend Three adventurers, pilot Betty and her friends, archaeologists Daniel and Nancy, arrive with their plane in the heart of the jungle. You are fighting for a reason, that is, you have a very interesting mission ahead of you. You have the task of following them in search of an ancient legend that dates back to a long time ago, but it has not yet been clarified, and it is not known whether it is true or not. Legend has it that a very advanced civilization was established in this place thousands of years ago. As happens with some of these civilizations, under certain external influences or maybe some internal factors, this civilization disappeared in a short time in a very mysterious way. The members of our expedition are fighting to investigate all the things that happened to someone in this place, which is not very accessible and easy to investigate anyway, but they are firmly determined to go to the very end. We may or may not join this interesting expedition and let me explore this mysterious legend from which I may get a lot of important information.

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