Truth Seekers

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Five years ago, something unpleasant happen in this family, or let’s say more than unpleasant, something terrible happen! Christopher, Matthew and Donna are relatives and they can’t accept the fact that even after five years the case of the murder of their grandfather still can’t be solved. They tried their best but the authorities said that there is not enough evidence and the case have to be solved.After five years the three relatives come in the house where their grandfather lived. That is actually the place of the crime scene, the place where his dead body was found. Christopher, Matthew and Donna are here with intention to explore the place and find some traces that will help them find out the identity of the killer.The police know its job best but the three relatives believe that they know the place better so they will do their best and search through every inch of their grandfather’s house. Let’s see what is going on here and help the three relatives find peace, by finding the man who killed their grandfather.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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