Sweet Shop Seekers

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Being a pastry chef is one of the sweetest professions in the world, literally. Seen from the side, it seems that those who work there have the opportunity to take and eat as many sweets as they want. Even if it isn\'t, they are surrounded by the most tempting treats at all times, and they participate in making them, which is also great! Andrea, the main character in our today\'s game, is the owner of one of the most famous pastry shops in the city. Besides the \"sweet\" part, this is a job that carries with it a series of responsibilities, like all other jobs. So, Andrea, every day has responsibilities around her patisserie, in which the waiter Sean helps her a lot. Together with him, every morning she prepares for the new day ahead. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us, to see what the work in pastry shops consists of. We will see the part where the sweets are made, but we will also see the managerial part that requires a good organization of all the steps that are part of the placement and sales process. Let\'s not waste time, let\'s help them.

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