Covered In Ice

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There has been a terrible storm in the town. It was showing for a longer period, then the wind started blowing, the temperatures went under 0 degrees... Now the snowstorm is over but the whole city is covered in ice which makes to be hard to walk, or drive, so the people who live in the city are completely isolated from everything. They can\'t even go to the local store to get something to eat. Karen and Mark are leaders of the rescue team that will take care of all the citizens from this city. They will make sure all people to be well taken care of, after the great storm which hit their city. The two of them will have to provide food for those most affected by the severe storm. You can see that this situation is very serious and none of us would like to be in that situation. So, let\'s help the rescue team finish their job as well as possible, and don\'t let this storm leave some kind of consequences to the local citizens. Karen and Mark are prepared, we will be right behind them and do everything necessary.

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