Royal Curse

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The number of stories about evil stepmothers is definitely very big. Just to remember few of them – Cinderella\'s stepmother, Snow white\'s stepmother, Rapunzel\'s stepmother…and we are talking about seriously bad characters here. Alice on the other hand, is one of those princesses who share similar destiny with the ones mentioned above.Namely, Alice is a banished princess. She knows that her evil stepmother is responsible for her terrible destiny. This bad woman has thrown a curse on Alice\'s father and this curse is that strong and powerful that no one is capable of breaking it. But this time Alice will do everything she can, in order to put an end of this terrible thing and beat the evil stepmother.She believes that by destroying the black magic of the stepmother, she will manage to banish her from the kingdom, since in that case everyone will know that she is very bad. Alice takes the destiny to her hands but since she is dealing with a seriously hard challenge, she will need our help. Let\'s help Alice prove the truth and come back where she belongs.

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