Desert Shelter

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For today we are taking you to a place that we almost have never taken you. It is the time for some new place, for new landscape like the deep deserts. Those mystic places that you can visit, but you need previous preparations. You need to know where you actually go, to a place that almost doesn\'t have water, you must dress up light and with bright colors. That adventure you will never forget, because you don\'t see it very casually.We are introducing you with a dedicated camel merchant. He is confronted with an important mission, how to save his camels.Khufu is a Bedouin who is trading with camels. He feels like the next big sand storm is coming. He is looking for a shelter in the first village that appears on his way. Khufu has a task to prepare the tents where he will have to overshadow he and his friends. He has to examine the terrain so he will be assured that he and his camels will be safe from the hands of camel thieves.If not in a real desert, wouldn\'t you consider going to a new adventure? This time we put you in a mission to safe those nice desert animals.

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