One Step Beyond

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Wealthy people are more often target of the criminals. And while some criminals enter into houses to do a robbery by chance, without paying attention where do they go, others spend a lot of time observing their target. Some criminals like to know the lifestyle of their victims so they spend time to get to know exactly how rich, they are, what do they have in their homes, then when do they leave their places, when do they come back…They like to do the crime without letting things go just like that. That leaves them time to make a crime that is more ‘perfect,’ which means they will be free to operate for a longer period of time without being noticed, but also that way they will leave few traces.The two detectives Laura and Gary are in the home of the rich man Stephen. There has been a robbery in his house, and the criminals have stolen many valuable objects. The two detectives are here to look for some traces that will lead them to the ones that have committed the robbery. It is good that it is about two very experienced detectives that are usually one step beyond the criminals, so they can easily predict their next move. Let’s see if that can help to solve the case faster.

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