Shattered Fear

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Linda and Emily live life that is rather different from the life most of us have. Namely, they live in a small village, isolated from the modern world. They nurture the tradition of their ancestors and they live on the same way as people lived fifty years ago. Someone may think that this is rather strange but for those two girls it is something they prefer and don’t want to change it with anything.In the village where Linda and Emily live, there is a house that has always spread fear to the people who live in the village. According to the stories told by the older inhabitants of the village, in this house is locked the demon that many years ago wanted to destroy the whole village. This evil demon was a threat for the people in that time, but it seems that he doesn’t leave anyone calm today, as well.The expert for paranormal activities, Steven, arrives in the village and asks Linda and Emily, if they could open the house, so he could check out if the legend about the demon is true or it’s about unfounded fear.

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