Templars Chapel

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Who says that a girl can\'t be a brave knight? Laura is a perfect example of incredible courage and persistence. Those skills leaded her to a place in the guard of knights that takes care of the king, making her a member equal to all the men that work there. However, the thing that inspired her for this job the most is the fact that her father had the same profession. She followed the steps of her father who was also a brave knight, but he was a member of one particular group of knight, the Templars.Templar knights, were among the most trained fighting units of the Crusades, known for their characteristic white mantles with a red cross. On the other hand, the non-combatant members of the order, managed a large economic infrastructure throughout Christendom, revolving innovative financial techniques, something like an early form of banking.Followed by this story, Laura finds out the church where the Templars gathered and together with her friends, the knights Kevin and Kathleen, come into this church, looking for the valuable relicts hidden by her father years ago.

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