Facing the Unknown

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When building or buying a house, we usually try to explore all the circumstances that could possibly distract us from doing that because getting a new home is not something that we do on a regular basis. We insist our homes to fulfill most of our needs or at least to offer us a chance to adapt them according to our needs.However, as it is the praxis in every field of our interest, sometimes things know to get out of control and unexpected things happen all the time. Usually those issues could be solved but what if one day you realize that your house has been possessed by ghosts?! Well that\'s what we call \'a situation\' and unfortunately this kind of situation happen to Pamela and Nicholas.Their normal life was suddenly interrupted by the presence of ghosts so Pamela and Nicholas left their house five years ago, feeling scared and helpless. After those five years, they are back in their home, prepared for facing the scary ghosts and willing to bring back their own house, by getting rid of the ghosts. Still, this is their first time meeting hosts face-to-face, so they will need our help.

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