Land of Eternal Magic

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There is not enough magic in everyday life, don\'t you think? Fighting with the banality of everyday obligations makes us nervous and anxious and than we need to go for something new. And going where the fantasy lives is the best place, isn\'t it? Become a wizard, a sorcerer, a princess or anything you imagine to be. Why not? In the world of fantasy everything is possible. And imagine you can live in such an imaginary world but never escape from it.Arine, Triton and Regin are wizards. They live in the land of eternal magic. Our player visits their land and the three wizards want to show him around and give him some magical items as a present. You can learn a lot from this game. On the other hand, if magic doesn\'t interest you, you will still enjoy this adventure.You can enjoy the game and find interesting things about magic and that kind of life. Adventure is something we are offering you for today and we know you are going to enjoy it. Sometimes being wizard is not a bad thing, don\'t you think? Have fun!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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