Crime at the Party

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Last night there was a party that unfortunately didn\'t finish that good. We don\'t mean that it was a bad party because the music was bad and the company was not that good, but it was about something very serious. Actually, this party end up very bad because there was even a victim, there was a murder... Everyone is wondering how this happen and why someone wanted this to happen?! Now it\'s up to the police to solve the whole situation.Nicole and Eric are two detectives that come in the apartment, at the place where the party took place. There was a an obduction already and it showed that the victim was actually poisoned at the party. That clears up one question but still it has to be explored who did that poisoning? The detectives are here to collect enough evidences, to follow the possible traces and find out who is responsible for the murder.Let\'s check out the crime scene together with the two detectives and try to solve the case as soon as possible. Maybe you will find the key evidences that will put the person who did this terrible crime in prison.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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