Train Heist

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There was a mysterious robbery in a train last night. Masked thieves got into the train and forced all the passengers to give them the valuable personal belongings, including their money. It is terrible what happened. It scared the passengers, so now they are very confused about the whole situation. The police was called and now two detectives, Charles and Lisa, together with their team of professionals, start the investigation about the mysterious robbery. The detectives plan to investigate the whole train, to search for some pieces of evidence and interrogate the passengers if they know something more about the whole situation. They like to solve the situation fast, but they know that there will be a lot of work. Now, let\'s find out what has happened on the train, working together with the detectives and the team of professionals. Let\'s check out the everything about the case and we are sure that we will be helpful in the investigation. The robbers have to be caught, but that asks for a lot of effort.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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