Beautiful Memories

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Childhood memories are usually wonderful, full of joy, happiness, and security. That\'s why we recall those memories when we feel bad and something gets wrong in our lives. Sarah also has beautiful memories related to her childhood. She has spent her childhood in the village and her mother still lives there. There is an amazing nature in and around that village and Sarah wants more than everything her daughter to get to know better this beauty and everything related to the village life. Today, Sarah and her daughter Stephanie, come to the place where Sarah\'s other lives. Sarah has great memories from her life in the village and this visit will be a great opportunity to share those memories with Stephanie. This is the first time Stephanie visits the house of her grandmother, so she and her mother are very excited about their stay there. Let\'s find out something more about life in the village and see all the beauty of this place. We will enjoy nature, the fresh air and the incredible charm of the village.

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