Honeymoon Adventure

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Is there a time that is more romantic, a period in life that is filled with more butterflies, with more shining stars and love drinks, than the one when people decide to marry? You get to choose the man or the woman of your life, prepare for the D day and than the lovely honey moon comes on board. It seems like that first common vacation is the one that we all dream of. Some choose to go to some sea, some to escape somewhere in the wilderness, everyone has its own concept.Cruising off course comes on board, too. And a lot of people choose it as a way to celebrate the beginning of life together. Together with her closest friends Alexis and Lori, Kayla are owners of one of the best agencies for organization of interesting and romantic travels full of surprises for the honey moon of the newlyweds.For today they have a deal with their client and that is to organize cruising with luxury yacht, but all of that should be surprise for his wife. This is suppose to be a kind of adventurous honey moon in which Alexis and Lori will have the chance to visit exotic islands.

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