Otherworld Protectors

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The wizard Urick and his assistant Ufora are protectors of one fantastic world. We have heard about places of this type, we have imagined them a lot, as children or as grown-ups, and they appear to be different, depending on our imagination. However, this fantasy world doesn\'t have any similarity to the world where we live and it is not similar to anything we have imagined, can you believe that?Maybe you haven\'t heard about this world but many other people did, in one way or another, and they tried their best to discover the exact location of the fantasy world. But the thing is that there are so many magical objects in this land that are actually hiding the place from the eyes of the regular people. Who knows what is happening there in truth... However, somehow we got the chance to sneak into this fantasy world and see what are the wizard Urick and his assistant Ufora. Maybe we will be pleasantly surprised by this place, or maybe we will be disappointed, but we will surely see something new and unique.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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