Game of Remembrance

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Do you remember every present you\'ve received in your relationship? Maybe yes, or maybe no, but remembering those presents could wake up memories of beautiful moments you\'ve spent together with the person you love. Just like Wayne and Grace. Check out their story and find out a new way how to refresh your love.Well, Grace and her husband Wayne are celebrating 50th anniversary from their marriage. You have to admit that this is such a big and important number. The key of their successful marriage lays in their habit to make surprises to each other. Even after 50 years together, they love to \'fire the sparkle\' over and over again and make something creative.This time Wayne has prepared a small game for Grace. Namely, he took Grace in the park where they first met and he hide all the presents he has given her all through the years. Grace has a task to find all the presents and remember the beautiful moments she spent with her husband during those 50 years together. This sounds very exciting so let\'s see what is it about.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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