Clockwork Intrigue

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During the time of steampunk, countless scientists appeared with very interesting, but also mysterious and revolutionary inventions and ideas. Their ideas are advanced, even though the technology is not at such a high level as it is today Among these many scientists is the scientist Mark. Mark and his assistant George are working on a very interesting idea. Namely, Mark and George are trying to build the first time-travel machine. The idea may not be unique, and it is not the first someone has thought about it, but it seems they are on the right way to achieve it. And those two know that there is no need always to learn from our own mistakes, but sometimes it is good to see the experience of others to avoid making the same mistakes. Mark knows that other scientists are also working on finding time machines, so he dares to visit their laboratories and see if he can find something that will help him in his invention.Let\'s take a tour of the scientists\' laboratories and see how they approach the idea of creating a time machine.

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