Earth Whisperer

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We are all witnessing something we don\'t like. Namely, the nature changes and it seems that the reason for that are the humans. For so many years we are trying to adapt the nature to our own needs so we have forgotten that the nature has its own rules and its own balance that needs to be kept if we like the nature to provide us everything we need, not everything that comes to our mind and makes us greedy.Nertia is a goddess of the earth. She is also a guardian of the earth that makes sure all the creatures that live on the Earth are living in good conditions. At this moment Nertia has come to the place that is inhabited by the birds and likes to figure out why those birds can\'t live in their nests. Seems that something is wrong in this whole situation and the goddess likes to make everything right.She has to find all needed objects, necessary for bringing back the harmony on the earth. She believes that this will bring back the birds in their own homes. Let\'s help this lady save the birds and bring back everything as it was before.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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