The Sick Queen

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So, sometimes it seems that the servants and the maids in the house know more than the actual owner of the house. Why is it like that? Well, when there are a lot of house assistants, there is not so much work for the owner of the house, right? And the assistants know where are all the objects in the house because they were actually the ones that put them here... And it\'s like that in the royal home too.Madison is the main maid of the Queen. At the moment, the Queen is very sick. This condition lasts for a longer period of time and she also felt like this one year ago. That\'s why the Queen knows that her only hope for the condition lies in the medicine that she received last year, from the best doctor in the kingdom. However, in the meantime this doctor passed away and now the queen doesn\'t remember where are the bottles with the prescribed medicine.And when the Queen doesn\'t know where is something in the castle, her main maid is the only person who can help her and she can do it sufficiently fast. Let\'s help Madison finish her task as soon as possible.

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