The Old Farm

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When yоu are young and surrounded with the closest people around, you get emotional, build memories that you ought to remember later on. No matter where your life will take you to, you can always go back to that safe place where you were as a small child.The lady we are talking about this time is a dedicated farmer who loves her farm more than anything. She puts a lot of efforts to make it the best possible, to create the best farm ever. She started this project some twenty years ago. It all began with a small farm, but today she is the person that everyone can admire. But, she doesn\'t want to stop this.Theresa is a farmer with the biggest farm ever. She has a lot of experience in the farming, but her grand fathers\' farm which is devastated has put her into blue mood. She feels kind of nostalgic. Theresa plans to renovate this farm and to start with it all over again. So, help this lady recreate her favorite place to be. It won\'t be too heavy task for you, we believe!

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