Family Objects

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Digging into the past of our ancestors can be very interesting sometimes. Many of those objects are not in use anymore, but they keep the spirit of a time that has passed years ago. And every time has its charm and beauty which is different from today, but that\'s what makes it interesting, right? Hellen is also in search of some old objects, old family objects. She comes into the house of her grandfather which is also the house where her mother lived before she got married. This house hides many objects that belonged to the family and those objects should not be lost. Also, some of the objects are very rare and that is the reason plus, why they shouldn\'t be left just like that. Helen likes to find all family objects in this house and to keep them safe from destruction because she is aware that sometimes time can be the biggest enemy of things like this.Let\'s take a tour all around the house that belonged to Hellen\'s grandfather and help her find everything she is looking for. This search will bring us back to some time that is long gone.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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