Dragon Statues

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Wang is the only keeper of the holy temple that is known by the dragon statues. Namely, there are ten dragon statues in this amazing place and it is about very unique and beautiful pieces. And while numerous people from all around the world appreciate these statues very much and enjoy seeing them when visiting the temple, someone was sassy enough to burst into the temple and steal the famous dragon statues.Now are missing all the ten statues that are the main feature of the temple so the keeper of the temple, Wang, is feeling desperately. He has to do whatever it takes to find those statues and bring them back where they belong.And since we are sure that finding those dragon statues won\'t be easy at all, we ask for some help from you. Let\'s search around together and help Wang find the statues so he could prove that he is really loyal and worthy for his job. This will be an interesting visit of the temple and its surroundings so be prepared to experience something new and exciting.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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