Servants of Darkness

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People choose on their own which side will they take in their lives. And what’s bad or wrong for someone, might be good and acceptable for someone else. Their values can be different and that’s why people are different, that’s what makes them interested in different things. Meet our today’s characters. Those three girls, Helen, Anna and Nicole are assistants of the dark prince Brandon. Brandon lives in the dark castle, that is located somewhere deep in the woods. And since it is about a dark prince, there are a lot of people who are afraid of Brandon and they like to harm him somehow.Very often he is threatened by those people so he doesn’t feel safe at all. On the other hand, Helen, Anna and Nicole are his protectors, so their job is to keep him safe from the ones that like to do him harm.They are known as the \'servants of darkness\', no matter how scary it sounds, but that’s what they are, so they are here to protect their own side. Let’s check out this dark story and see what will happen with our price and his assistants.

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