The Great Robbery

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The three detectives, Daniel, Karen and Paul, arrive at the famous Sunway hotel. This hotel is one of the most luxurious places around and that\'s why it is almost always visited by notable persons. The hotel has a very good security but sometimes that is not enough, because there are criminals who also know their job really good. To be more precise, there has been a huge robbery in the Sunway hotel during the night.While everyone was sleeping in the hotel, some people have stolen the personal belongings of some of the guests. It is about very valuable personal stuff, including the money from the hotel\'s safe. It have to be admitted that this is one of the biggest robberies in the history of the hotel, considering the fact that most of the guests that were in the hotel at the moment, were famous celebrity persons.Now it\'s up to the three detectives to find out who is responsible for the robbery and bring back the stolen things where they belong. Let\'s help the detectives do their job and solve the case sooner.

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