Grand Mountain Farm

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People choose different lifestyles, based on their habits, on their believes and ideals in life. And while some people choose modern and urban living somewhere in the city, others like to escape all of thatand go for more peaceful option, like living in the suburbs, in a village or on a farm.Carol and Kevin are a married couple that got as a heritage the Grand Mountain Farm. They actually got this farm from Carol’s grandfather but they are really happy about it. Namely, Kevin always dreamed about living on a farm so this is a perfect opportunity for him because finally his dream will become true.Today, Carol and Kevin are for the first time in the Grand Mountain Farm. They are here to see the place and explore its capacity. Since this is their farm now, they would like to learn what does it offer and after that, to plan their lives there. Even though it is about something Carol and Kevin wanted from before, they have to get to know the life on a farm better, so they could start functioning there properly. Let’s search the whole place together with this two enthusiasts and see what can be expected from the life on a farm.

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