Lies and Spies

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The city centers might seem like a safe place, but many times criminals choose exactly this place to be a place where they will meet and plan their future actions. Perhaps the visibility makes them believe that they seem less suspicious in their actions.Detective Charles and the policewoman Donna, arrive in one abandoned place in the center of the city.According to their investigation, this is the place where few suspicious policemen meet with the members of the mafia. Those policemen are actually spies and they provide very important information about the arrest of important members of the mafia. It is assumed that they are paid really well for that information. However, there is still not enough evidence to prove that suspicion so Charles and Donna are there to investigate the whole situation and take further actions. This could be a huge scandal in the ranks of the police and that\'s why it is very important to find out the truth.Let\'s help detective Charles and the police officer Donna finish their mission successfully and bring justice once again.

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