Unknown Virus

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Detective Tyler, comes in the famous spa center which is located near the local forest. He would like to find out what happened to some of the visitors of this spa center. Those people suddenly got ill and they were transferred immediately into the city hospital. It seems that it is about some unknown and very contagious virus because it has affected many people and it surprised even the people who work in the hospital.It seems that the situation is very serious so the detective Tyler will have a lot of job to do. He, together with the employees of the spa center, Virginia and Henry, will try to solve the case.The employees will to their best to help the detective finish his job and get to the truth as soon as possible. Maybe the set of the circumstances won’t give them the answers very soon, but they hope that they will solve the situation on time. Let’s help the detective Tyler, together with Virginia and Henry, solve this unusual situation and find out the reason why this happened.

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